Greens ‘N’ Things Urban Farm is a multi-location, highly intensive small plot farm located in St. Petersburg, FL that specializes in lettuces, leafy greens, baby roots crops and other seasonal veggies. The goal of Greens ‘N’ Things is to contribute to closing the local food production and waste loop by using sustainable practices. The urban farm makes as much of their own soil as possible by composting local inputs like spent brewers grains and coffee grounds, fruit and veggie pulp from juices and spoiled produce from local food banks, keeping these volatile materials from the landfill.

Greens ‘N’ Things wants to cultivate communities and re-educate consumers on where their food comes from. Partnerships like those with Engineer Sales make it possible to turn underutilized land into productive farm space in the city.

By taking this plot of land that would usually sit vacant and turning it into a productive piece of St. Petersburg, we at Engineer Sales can assist in making the local community a better place.

Engineer Sales is proud to support Greens ‘N’ Things Urban Farm and takes pride in being able to give back to our community.

To read more about our Urban Farm as published in the Tampa Bay Times click here!